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Certain information included in this communication is based on information obtained from third-party sources. Save Stobart Group has not sought or obtained consent from any third party to use any statements or information indicated herein. Any such statements or information should not be viewed as indicating the support of such third party for the views expressed in the Materials. No warranty is made by the inclusion of any data or information, whether derived or obtained from public filings made by Stobart Group or from any third party, that such data or information is accurate, complete or comprehensive. Save Stobart Group recognises that there may be confidential information in the possession of Stobart Group that could lead them to disagree with our conclusions. Save Stobart Group shall not be responsible or have any liability for any misinformation contained in any Stobart Group filing or third-party report.    

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No representation or warranty, express or implied, is or will be given by Save Stobart Group and no responsibility or liability is accepted for the accuracy or sufficiency thereof, or for any errors, omissions or misstatements, negligent or otherwise, relating thereto. In particular, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is given as to the achievement or reasonableness of, and no reliance should be placed on, any projections, targets, estimates or forecasts and nothing in The Materials is or should be relied on as a promise or representation as to the future. Accordingly, Save Stobart Group shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on any statement in or omission from these Materials. All Materials are meant to be reviewed in their entirety, including any footnotes, legal disclaimers, restrictions, or disclosures, and any copyright or proprietary notices.

Nothing in the Materials is intended to be a prediction of the future trading price or market value of securities of Stobart Group. The estimates, projections, pro forma information and potential impact of Save Stobart Group's analyses set out herein are based on assumptions that we believe to be reasonable as of the date of publication, but there can be no assurance or guarantee that actual results or performance of Stobart Group will not differ, and such differences may be material. The Materials do not recommend the purchase or sale of any security. Save Stobart Group reserves the right to change any of its opinions expressed in the Materials at any time as it deems appropriate.

Under no circumstances are the Materials intended to be, nor should it be construed as, an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security.

Save Stobart Group also reserves the right to take any actions with respect to investments in Stobart Group as it may deem appropriate, including, but not limited to, communicating with management of Stobart Group, the Board of Directors of Stobart Group, other investors and shareholders, stakeholders, industry participants, and/or interested or relevant parties about Stobart Group, and to change its intentions with respect to its investments in Stobart Group at any time.
From time to time individuals will be making presentations on this site. All presentations are the views of the individuals and neither Save Stobart or any individual will have any liability for the statements and views expressed.  For the avoidance of doubt such information is not presented to assist or recommend any investment.

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